Our knowledgeable packmasters take care of all the packing of your moving goods. The packing is always done in solid wells. Delicate items are carefully wrapped with special gasket paper. The packing is an important part of the move, so we offer our great knowledge. If you want to pack yourself, of course, it's good, but let us give you some good advice before. Moving boxes are lent for free in connection with moving.


Your moving goods are handled with rational means safely by our experienced personnel. Our vehicles are equipped with hydraulic load lifts to facilitate loading of heavier items such as pianos and safes. To avoid damage to abrasion, move the moving goods carefully with wrapping felt and fasten with straps.


Our routine drivers transport your freight goods with specially-equipped vehicles. The trucks are equipped with air suspension and lock-free brakes for a superb and smooth transport.


When the freight car arrives at the destination address, the freight allowance is loosened according to your instructions. If you wish, we will unpack the items previously packed by us. If you want to pack yourself, in whole or in part, we will plan it together at your order.


We can store your moving goods in closed wooden boxes of 10 m3, stored in the warehouse, which guarantees safe storage.

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